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One of the most amazing things about being a mentor is passing on your knowledge and helping a child to lead fuller, happier lives. Everyone loves learning something new, especially when there’s fun involved. Life skill outings should be casual, creative, and fun!

Adolescence Life Skills

  • Finances – importance of saving allowance, need vs. want
  • Laundry – sorting, operating machine, folding, ironing
  • Cooking – how to plan a meal from grocery list to cooking
  • Grocery Shopping – preparing lists, budgeting
  • Hygiene – importance of good hygiene
  • Fire Safety – fire drills, types of fires, extinguisher
  • Car Maintenance – checking car oil, pumping gas, putting air in tires, car wash
  • How to read a road map / GPS
  • How to fill out a job application – go to McDonalds and ask for applicationS

Practical Life Skills

When a teen does the following things for themselves, they become empowered as individuals. They earn self-respect, which is one of the most important benefits they can gain.


Why cars are needed, how to buy a practical car, how to take care of it. How the engine works, what might break down, and how it’s fixed. Should be taught to both boys and girls.

Outings: Car Sales Lot, Oil Change (how to check oil), Gas Station (how to fill tank, add windshield washer fluid), car wash, air in tires, etc.


How to fix things around the house and keep things maintained. Plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling, painting, roofing, lawn. The tools and skills necessary to do just the basic maintenance and repairs. And how to know when to call a professional.

Outings: Home Depot, change air filter, cut grass, internet search


Too many adults grow up without knowing how to do laundry, to clean a house properly, to keep the house clean and uncluttered, to have a weekly and monthly cleaning routine. Teach a child all these things instead of just telling him what to do.

Outings: how to operate a washing machine, how much soap, how to separate clothes, folding, iron a dress shirt, dry cleaners, etc.


How to keep paperwork organized, how to keep things in their place, how to keep a to-do list, how to set routines, how to focus on the important tasks.

Outings: prepare a grocery list, plan a meal for one or two people, go grocery shopping, cook the meal

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