The Canadian Centre To End Human Trafficking (CCTEHT)

The Canadian Centre To End Human Trafficking (CCTEHT)

National Hot Line number: 1-833-900-1010
The National Hotline will respond to all forms of human trafficking including both sex and labour tracking and will provides assistance to, and on behalf of youth, adults, females, males, transgender individuals, gender non-conforming individuals, citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals.  The National Hotline will act as a central response and referral mechanism, offering 24/7, multilingual access to a safe and confidential space to ask for help, connect to services, and report tips.  The hotline will also contribute to the Centre’s capacity to share knowledge, statistics and resources with the wider public.
They have been working to develop a national referral directory of human trafficking service providers, enabling them to provide a robust, immediate and localized response to hotline callers.  
Staff who operate the hotline are victim-centered, trauma-informed and safety of those at risk is their primary concern.

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