Access Visits Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Access Visits Cancelled Due to COVID-19

You may of heard by now or will hear shortly that all access visits for children/youth in care have been cancelled due to COVID-19.
For those children/youth who already have phone access we recommend that they continue to stay in touch with their family through phone calls, face-time, Skype, etc.  We have been asked to keep a log to record the day, time and length of call.  This will be collected with your monthly expenses.  Also, please record if you attempted to make the call but there was no answer.
For those children who do not have phone access, please contact your resource worker and they will connect with CSW to arrange date and times for these calls.  It may be the easiest to keep existing access times around the same time for scheduled calls.
Having children and families remain in contact during this time is essential.

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