Becoming a Foster Parent

If you have considered foster parenting we would love to hear from you. We provide support and education during the application process and continue to provide support once you become a foster parent.

Foster parents can be single, married, or common-law, or in a same-sex relationship. Being a parent is not a prerequisite. They can be people who work outside the home, raising their own children, an empty nester, or retiredĀ from all walks of life, culture or religion. It is important to have an extensive group of foster parents with similar cultural backgrounds as the children who need care. The more you have in common, the more likely the connection will be strong. With continuity comes security and stability.

Children enter foster care when their parents are temporarily unable to care for them. In some cases, the parents may be struggling with addiction, mental health issues, or physical illness. Children may be in care for as little as a few days, or may stay with a foster family for even months or enter into Long-Term Care.

Our Philosophy

A Child’s Oasis is committed to providing children in therapeutic foster care with treatment services that are strengths-based, child-centered, and holistic in nature, while recognizing the importance of team collaboration, family as a means of healing and change, and ongoing professional growth of staff. We firmly believe the following:

A strengths-based perspective

A strengths-based perspective should be used when working with children and families. Too often, children are viewed from a deficit perspective and thus are considered "destined" to fail.


Child-centered therapeutic foster care best promotes individual growth and development. Each and every child is unique and thus requires individualized treatment planning.

Holistic service planning

Holistic service planning is imperative to promote individual growth. Each and every child should be treated as a whole and thus receive comprehensive services to meet their individual needs.

About Us

A Child’s Oasis is a non-profit therapeutic foster care program for children needing placement away from their biological family and who require specialized treatment and services due to developmental delays, emotional, medical and/or behavioural issues.

For many children, therapeutic foster care is often the opportunity to be placed with a family in a community setting. Our program is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to children newborn to eighteen (18) years of age. A Child’s Oasis foster homes are ready and available for referrals, including emergency placemats. The A Child’s Oasis team is highly trained and motivated, bringing together many years of experience working with children and families.

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